Jumping into teams

fsdhp0nn1y6z8mhyWhat an exciting adventure to take the concept of team and actively do it for an online course.  As always the big idea , the entire forest , for me is glorious , inspiring and a wonderment of possibilities. However the realities of each bush, rock, tree, vine ,stick and stone , not to mention  flora , fauna , animals and insects is mind boggling. Co teaching is a much bigger concept than just 2 people hanging out and doing what they do . According to Marissa Kaplan (2012) ” Having two minds facilitate a classroom community allows students to connect with different personalities. Co-teaching allows more opportunities for small group … and stronger modeling during lessons. The co-planning process encourages two teachers to bounce ideas off each other in order to deliver the strongest, most creative lessons Some people think CTT stands for  “creative thinkers thinking,” or “cool teachers teaching.” Others say it’s “conflict tackling together.” While CTT means all of the above, it stands for “collaborative team teaching” and refers to the idea of a co-teaching partnership.( Kaplan , M (2012) Edutopia )   Back to the idea of the forest and trees .I stumbled on the 4 truths of co teaching that no one will tell you retrieved from http://learningintwolanguages.com/4-truths-about-co-teaching/ .


Truth #1: There will be more compromise that you EVER thought possible   I am there already , while as co instructors in a team we get along, We still facilitate individually and uniquely . We are not yet at the point of “what / how will we teach this topic” but holding at ” here is what I think , yup I agree ” or ” yes , I can live with that” . How does one begin the conversation of we , without using I ? I feel at the beginning stages I have simply said ” i will do this .. does it work for you” .. not so much teaming but telling.  I am having the hardest time not doing the week 1 phone calls and I know my team partner will say ” if you need to you can ” but then what does it say about me? My needs ? I feel in week one , after we assigned the leads that I fell into “this is my week, my show” but it isn’t.. it is always “our show”

Truth #2: There will be times you want to kill each other  I truly hope not . I hope we can agree to disagree and give each other the space to do what works best for them .

Truth #3: Honesty will SAVE your sanity .  I will leave this one for now , in the hopes that we can be honest and that students will be honest in their responses

Truth #4: You will support each other no matter what. This I know , but will be interesting to see it unfold





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